Discretionary Portfolio Management

Woman on a laptopThrough Stifel's Solutions Program, Richard Dworsky and David Bomar manage assets on a risk-adjusted, discretionary basis using a pre-screened investment approach.  This enables them to quickly react to market conditions when implementing our clients' investment strategies.  The result is customized investment management, with strategies tailored to their clients' specific needs and objectives.  They also have vast experience in analyzing and selecting other managers to help find and choose best-in-class additions.




The Solutions program requires a minimum investment, which varies by strategy, and has an annual asset-based fee, assessed quarterly, that covers costs, including trade execution, custody, and performance reporting.  There may be other costs associated with the Stifel Solutions Program, including but not limited to: exchange fees, transfer fees, interest expense, trade surcharges, and closing costs. Ask your Financial Advisor for a Disclosure Brochure, which further outlines the fees, services, exclusions, and disclosures associated with this program. You should consider all terms and conditions before deciding whether the Solutions Program is appropriate for your needs. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

For more information on brokerage services and/or investment advisory services, please see Stifel's Customer Relationship Summary (Form CRS)